The FX system is broken, let’s fix it

£5.6 billion lost

Misleading pricing

To determine the cost of a transaction today, consumers have to conduct a complex calculation multiplying the provider’s exchange rate with the amount they’re transferring, adding fees, and then repeat the same exercise using the real exchange rate on Google It’s time-consuming and difficult. That’s how so many banks and providers can conceal such significant revenue in exchange rate mark-ups. 

£5.6 billion lost by UK consumers and small businesses in these hidden exchange rate mark-ups. Transparent pricing will end hidden fees and potentially help save billions for newly empowered consumers.

A Global problem

Developed nations need to up their regulatory game

Global remittances reached $714 billion in 2019 and the average global cost is approximately 7%. That means the world paid $48.7 billion in remittance fees in 2019. Reducing remittance costs to 3% by 2030 is a global target under the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 10.C. We have a long way to go. 

According to the World Bank, “the single most important factor leading to high remittance prices is a lack of transparency in the market.”

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